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Steam - Gamious - Nintendo Switch
An oil digging simulation game created by Gamious. For Turmoil I personally built the Weekly Challenge update and the Heat Is On expansion. For more info visit the presskit above.

Lead to Live

Ludum Dare 27 jam game with art by Villermen. The theme was "10 Seconds". My first time making an actual game in ActionScript 3. Done within a time limit of 3 days. Might take a while to load and it does not have a preloader.

Robot Ultimate Laser Explosion

Blogspot link broke :( mirror soon

Also known as R.U.L.E for short. A top-down retro action game with procedural levels made as university project by Frozen Duck Games, a team of 6 computer science students.

Please be Nice :(

An experimental game where the players decided the features we would add. It was showcased at E3 2014 in the IndieCade booth. This evolution video gives a general idea of what the game turned out to be.

Dario Runner

A Ludum Dare 30 jam game. This teensy game was made in 10 hours only! The theme was "Connected Worlds".

3 in Balans

No longer available, Aegon took it down

An adver-game created for the Dutch pensions management company Aegon. It is a platformer about keeping your different balances in order while keeping life's troubles at bay. I mostly worked on the finalisation of this game.